Sony World Photography Awards

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What is the World Photography Organization?

Being passionate about photography since my youngest age, I had to introduce you to the World Photography Organization which is WPO initial.
It is simply a worldwide organization highlighting both amateur and professional photographers.

Its strength is to be established in more than 60 countries allowing it to connect photographers from around the world, with different cultures and different visions of our world.

The WPO is best known for the organization of the annual Sony competition, the Sony World Photography Awards, which I will go over below in more detail.

What is Sony doing in all this?

The Sony World Photography Awards, more commonly known as SWPA, has been showcasing the world of photography for over 11 years now through a competition. This contest is unique because it is global!
For the WPO, Sony is a partner of choice being one of the market leaders.

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Just for information to show the craze, last year is more than 1 million photos that were shared in this contest!
As you can imagine, the 2018 edition is already on track and has already been launched since last June.
Everyone can participate and it is also what makes the richness of this contest but be careful because there are still specific types and themes to respect.

Indeed we find four very different official competitions where we have to take the official terms:

  • Professional
  • Open
  • Youth
  • Student Focus

It should be noted that each of its competitions has its own rules and specificities.

How to participate ?

To participate, nothing more simple just register directly on the site and upload your photos while respecting specific themes depending on the competition.
If you’re still wondering what camera to use for this contest, check out the different types of cameras to make your own opinion.

Anyway, here are the different topics to study if I can say according to the competitions:

The Professional section is divided into 10 categories where we have:

  • Architecture
  • Contemporary Issues
  • Creative
  • Current Affairs
  • News
  • Discovery
  • landscape
  • Natural World
  • Wildlife
  • Portraiture
  • SportStill Life

You will be able to send between 5 to 10 shots.

For the second competition, Open , you will be able to send only one photo among the following topics:

  • Architecture
  • Culture
  • Enhanced
  • Motion
  • Landscape & Nature
  • Portraiture
  • Still Life
  • Street Photography
  • Travel
  • Wildlife

With Youth competition, there will be a certain age to respect. Indeed you will need to be between 12 and 19 years old and you think about a photo on the theme of the environment (My environment).

Finally the Student Focus is totally reserved for photography students.

Calendar to respect

What would be a good contest without its calendar?

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Here are all the dates to know to be in time:

We will start with the deadlines to send your photos:

  • Student Focus until December 4, 2017 (Yes, hurry up my student friends, the deadline is near)
  • Open and Youth until January 4, 2018
  • Professional until January 11, 2018

Regarding the results:

  • Finalists from February 27, 2018
  • Winners of the Open and National Awards from March 27, 2018
  • Photographer of the year and laureates of the “Professionnals” competition from 19 April 2018