Painter, John Bramblitt touches the colors

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When John Bramblitt loses his sight in 2001, he takes refuge in painting. His disability requires him to develop a rather special technique: perceive colors and shapes by touching them, thanks to different textures.

“Color makes more sense to me now that I’m blind,” says Bramblitt at Zoomin.TV . The 46-year-old Texan lost his sight in 2001 after severe seizures, due to epilepsy and diagnosed Lyme disease too late. Graduate of the university, he saw his dream of becoming a professor of art go up in smoke. As he slowly sank into depression, he learned to rediscover painting and regained his taste for life.

Sparkling works

It is certainly not easy to learn to look through the touch when the eye loses. It’s a shot to take, a habit that comes with time. John did not think he could touch a brush, he did not know he was able to paint without seeing. But he learned to use techniques adapted to his blindness, exploring other horizons. His works are sparkling, full of color and energy. He paints portraits from his memories, his imagination, but also his sensory experiences, his dreams. And, unbelievably, John manages to portray his wife when he only met her after losing her sight. Endowed with an overflowing imagination, he manages to identify and interpret the forms only with the fingertips.

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A clever technique

The technique of John Bramblitt is impressive but above all very clever. He uses canvases with special lines and textured paint so that he can identify himself by touching what he is painting. “The way I ” see ” with my hands is real and concrete. I visualize in my mind by touch. I also see color when I hear music; it’s an ability that, since I lost my sight, has become stronger over the years, “he says on his website. John identifies the different colors thanks to their more or less thick viscosity. All his bottles and tubes of paint are nonetheless identified in Braille so that he can easily identify himself when mixing colors. He paints portraits from his memories, from his imagination, but also from his sensory experiences, from his dreams.

A committed artist

This artist proves that nothing is impossible. Moments of doubt, fear, he went through, but his blindness finally fed his interest in art. He works with charities to help them raise money in a positive and fun way. With this unique perspective, John travels the world to lead workshops and conferences. Unpublished in the world of art, they bring together beginner and professional artists and offer adaptation techniques for people with disabilities. According to John, “Everyone has an artist in him. Sometimes we just need some help to let him out . ” It was the subject of a report that will be broadcast on France 5 Monday, March 5, 2018 at 10:15.