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First photo contest of human generation

First photo contest of human generation social action Photo contest solidary photography poverty solidarity Through an email I received the news of the first photography contest of human generation . Generaciónhumana.org is an organization united in a network for social change. Theme of the contest: The theme of the photo contest follows the line of […]

Natural framed in architectural photography

Natural framed in architecture photography Photographic composition natural framed architecture photography architecture photographer hotel arts Composition rules With the intention of contributing other points of view to the technique of composition that tries to use a natural framing in photography, I publish this entry today. The idea is clear, explain roughly what this technique is […]

Dancausa (Bankinter) sees it unfair to paint the bankers as a gang of rascals and rogues"

  Dancausa (Bankinter) sees it unfair to paint the bankers as “a gang of rascals and rogues” The executive believes that an “injustice” is committed by not recognizing the value that the financial sector has for society   BANKINTER The CEO of Bankinter, Dolores Dancausa , has affirmed that it is an “injustice” not to […]

Why trading is not as nice as they paint it

The trading is hitting very hard in Spain for a few years and more and more people are entering it with the intention of making money . The problem is that many do so with little knowledge about the world of investments and pretending to get the money quickly and easily. In other words, they […]

Who was really Foujita, a great Japanese painter to whom Google pays homage? – Go out Grand Paris – Télérama.fr

Léonard Tsuguharu Foujita, Self-portrait with the cat. (1927) Housed in Paris during the Roaring Twenties, the elegant Tsuguharu Foujita had developed a unique style, painting in black and white with a fine brush. On August 6, 1913, an elegant young Japanese man of 27 years of age arrived in Paris, in the Montparnasse district, who […]

Instinctively, the painter Mehmet Güleryüz spreads his insomnia on the canvas – Go out Grand Paris

Famous in his country, the 80-year-old Turkish artist unveils in a Parisian exhibition his work made of expressionist sketches of daily life and more political paintings. Mobile, warm, freshly cut white beard, Mehmet Güleryüz wants to make up time. On his life, his destiny and his painting, which haunts him. On this need which makes […]

Painter, John Bramblitt touches the colors

When John Bramblitt loses his sight in 2001, he takes refuge in painting. His disability requires him to develop a rather special technique: perceive colors and shapes by touching them, thanks to different textures. “Color makes more sense to me now that I’m blind,” says Bramblitt at Zoomin.TV . The 46-year-old Texan lost his sight […]

Music Video: Terje Nicolaisen -Saturday Painter

Terje Nicolaisen is first and foremost an artist, secondly musician. It is noticed when you watch the music video of the song “Saturday Painter”, and then not meant in a positive sense. First of all, I have to give a friendly warning: if you get slightly dizzy, you should not see this video. Something that […]

Best podcasts: fake Hitler, fake paintings and perfect crimes

  At a press conference of Stern magazine in April 1983, Gerd Heidemann presents the notebooks attributed to Hitler.   Every Friday, “Télérama” packs you the best of its podcasts of choice, to slip into your ears on weekends. This week, relive the beginnings of the Fifth Republic on Europe 1, discover on France Culture […]

Round the world through paintings

 In the table titled “Soldier and Lady Girl” painted in 1658 by Johannes Vermeer, the officer wears a hat, broad, tall, with a wide visor, made of leather beaver from Canada Those who have watched the extraordinary first season of the Fargo TV series certainly know the city of Duluth in the state of Minnesota. […]