Natural framed in architectural photography

Natural framed in architecture photography

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With the intention of contributing other points of view to the technique of composition that tries to use a natural framing in photography, I publish this entry today. The idea is clear, explain roughly what this technique is about, contribute my particular point of view and complicate a little or create another possible variant to the natural framed by an architectural photograph .

I have often encountered exaggerated examples of the use of natural framing in photographic composition. Sometimes photos where the frame takes such prominence that make lose the center of interest of a photograph or completely diffuse the visual interest that should have the protagonist framed in the photo.

My intention with the example photo is to show an alternative to the technique of photographic composition of natural framing and to distance myself to a large extent from other types of exaggerated frames for the reasons explained in the previous paragraph.

To explain later on what I am based on for this partial natural framework of the example, I will begin by explaining what the technique of composition of natural framing in photography is about.


Definition of natural framing

The composition technique of natural framing is a photographic trick that aims, through the use of natural elements, to frame the center of interest of a photograph.

As a framework you can use multiple elements that we find in a scene. Some of the most used elements are frames, windows, doors or arches that surround the protagonist of the photo. The use of these elements to frame is the most common and may be the clearest.

The natural framing of the example

Through the example photograph of this article I intend to share another variant that I use most of the times. I like it and I find it aesthetic to frame the center of interest of a photograph with trees, plants …

I chose this photo from the Hotel Arts de Barcelona on purpose because to achieve the framing I had to make an atypical composition and move the building on the plane while playing with the distortion of perspective to favor my final composition.

The elements used for this technique of composition are natural. In the foreground, the crown of a tree that simulates a small hedge and adorns the lower part of this architectural photograph. In the upper part the branches of a palm tree that adorn and frame the Hotel Arts by the right side and the top part of the photo.

I have used another technique of composition combined with the natural framing in this photo of the Hotel Arts. We’ll talk about this other technique in another article.

As you can see, the color temperature is totally personalized.

Another example of this composition trick can be seen in my section on architectural photography, the exact photo is The Water Tower and can be seen through the link.

Conclusion and reflection

Making a natural framed where most of the photo belongs to the frame will cause a total or partial reduction of the center of interest of our photos.

A moderate use of natural framing will allow us, on the other hand, to increase that visual interest by the protoganist of the photo.

And here’s my article today “Natural framed in architectural photography” , I hope you find it useful.