Music Video: Terje Nicolaisen -Saturday Painter

Image result for Terje NicolaisenTerje Nicolaisen is first and foremost an artist, secondly musician. It is noticed when you watch the music video of the song “Saturday Painter”, and then not meant in a positive sense. First of all, I have to give a friendly warning: if you get slightly dizzy, you should not see this video.

Something that brings me to the next point: what is the artistic value of a music video where the camera is constantly spinning in a fast speed room through almost the whole song? I do not see it. All that contributes to is making the video impossible to look at. Perhaps I’m extra sensitive, but a music video should have a minimum requirement that it’s possible to see from end to end. Unpleasant items and strong scenes are far more preferred than an involuntary trip with a carousel. Yes, it’s a kind of development, by following the day and the different color spikes that the room and its fixtures are filled with. But a possible message in a music video disappears when you can not see it.

What about the music? When I removed the video image, the song worked fine. Nicolaisen has an ok voice, and there are experienced musicians on the team. Among other things, Petter Pogo has both been a producer and subtle bass and guitar. However, there is not so much originality to trace here. The song disappears quickly out of the head, without the need to re-establish it. The impression of the music can of course be characterized by the frustration of the video. It attracts so much negative attention that it becomes difficult to concentrate on the actual music experience.

Conclusion: Listen to the song first and make an opinion about it independent of the music video. It is at your own risk.