First photo contest of human generation

First photo contest of human generation

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Through an email I received the news of the first photography contest of human generation . Generació is an organization united in a network for social change.

Theme of the contest:

The theme of the photo contest follows the line of the organization and encourages the participation of professional or amateur photographers by sending photos of their authorship that reflect or protest against poverty, social response and solidarity in Spain, between 2007 and 2014.

Economic awards:

The prize money is in cash and the sum is interesting. I encourage you to visit the contest “Images for the story” if you are interested in this type of contest. But above all I encourage you to participate if you are a human being and you are against poverty, you are supportive or social activist.

And so you know something more about the contest published in this photo blog I leave you with the text I received in my email:

I would like to share with you and your audience the start, today February 12, of the 1st Social Photography Contest . Images for the history, with the theme: Poverty, Social protest and Solidarity in Spain, 2007/2014, that Generación Human @ organiza.

Endowed with four cash prizes totaling 7,000 euros , this Photo Contest was born in 2014 and will be repeated every year with different themes, but always dedicated to Photography of social interest.

The objective of Generación Human @, the organizing entity of the Contest, is the creation of a large Documentary Graphic Fund, a bank of images highly specialized in social issues and freely available to all.

Generación Human @ has enabled channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to send and receive the images that are grouped under the hashtag #imagenesparalahistoria. A competition open to both professionals and amateurs, in which even the photos by mobile can participate, adding to the Professional Jury Prizes another popular one in which the best among the most voted photos will be awarded.

As highlighted in the Contest Bases, the depth and intensity of the human and social message transmitted by the images, added to their photographic quality, will be especially valued . The Imagery Fund for the History Generation Human @ is collecting this year reflects the human face of this crisis, in the images of those who have suffered the most, impoverishment, unemployment, evictions … but also in the demonstrations of citizen protest, tides white, green or orange and movements such as 15M or Surround the Congress and the enormous diversity of actions of individual and collective solidarity. Events that were captured by photojournalists and professional photographers, but also by the citizens who witnessed or staged those situations.

The Contest starts on Wednesday, February 12 and ends on May 30, 2014.

United in Network for Social Change is the motto of Generation Human @ and the images that bear witness to social injustice are fundamental to raise awareness of the need for social change. For this reason we would be very grateful if you can disseminate this initiative to your blog, allowing your followers to also get to know it, participate, incorporate their images into the Human Generation Documentary Graphic Fund and, perhaps, win some of the prizes.