Best podcasts: fake Hitler, fake paintings and perfect crimes


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At a press conference of Stern magazine in April 1983, Gerd Heidemann presents the notebooks attributed to Hitler.


Every Friday, “Télérama” packs you the best of its podcasts of choice, to slip into your ears on weekends. This week, relive the beginnings of the Fifth Republic on Europe 1, discover on France Culture the mirobolant history of the false notebooks of Hitler, and thwart the traps of the forgers painters on France Inter.

In the news

Europe 1 promised us the multiplication of original podcasts on its site, launching in September a production team dedicated to digital audio . It’s done since November 8, with a political series embodied by the editorialist Olivier Duhamel. In eight episodes, the specialist of constitutional law tells us about the eventful birth of the Fifth Republic. Politics, pedagogy and 60-year-old crispy archives are waiting for you.

Hitler’s fake notebooks

In 1981, an antique dealer presents what he presents as ” Hitler’s private diary” to German journalist Gerd Heidemann. About sixty notebooks, whose good sheets are published in great pomp by the Stern reporter. The scoop is sold to American, British and French newspapers … but the scoop was wrong. The alleged confidences of the Führer had been fabricated by antiquarian Konrad Jujau. Philippe Roizès analyzes ” the deception of the century” in A Particular History on France Culture.
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Cécila Bartoli confides on France Musique

Her childhood, her career, her anecdotes and her critics, and of course the music … The singer Cécila Bartoli confided in Lionel Esparza for more than two hours on France Musique. We find in this interview cut into five episodes the spontaneity simple and modest – do not expect to learn more about his private life – which characterizes the Italian singer.
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And also…

Business of counterfeiters. Last April, we had laughed at the disappointment of a museum in the eastern Pyrenees, of which more than half of the tableaux were fake. We have a little less of the magnitude of this ” counterfeit business” , unveiled in the Secrets d’info survey by Philippe Reltien.
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Night of the crime. On France Culture, Philippe Garbit has unearthed the most captivating archives on crime, whether real or fictitious. A debate on the supposed existence of the perfect crime, an adaptation of The Shadow of a Hitchcock doubt , or a conference on miscarriages of justice … This special night ” Police, gendarmes and some criminals” reserves his share of surprise to the listener. So, rather cop or rather thug?