120 years Hristo Kavarnaliev

Image result for hristo kavarnalievThe exhibition includes 120 works by Hristo Kavarnaliev, which are examples of his work from the different periods of his development. The curator has gathered drawings, gouaches, watercolors and paintings by the National Art Gallery, the Museum of Renaissance in Varna, the Military History Museum, the galleries in Varna, Dobrich, Kavarna, Balchik, as well as a number of prestigious private collections. All of them are arranged in the halls of the entire first floor of the City Art Gallery. In a separate room is a documentary photo exhibition: pictures from the personal album of Kavarnaliev, as well as authentic documents, publications and artworks of printed publications made by the artist. Here was the cooperation of the Pencho Slaveykov Regional Library in Varna. Thus, along with the impressive paintings, visitors can also touch Hristo Kavarnaliev’s personality and its significance in the cultural climate of Varna during the first half of the last century.

Impressive is the fact that such a retrospective exhibition of the great Bulgarian marinist is organized and opened for the first time in his hometown after his death in 1951. The reasons for this are different and perhaps the most important one is that his works are scattered mostly in private collections all over the country and abroad. There is no family and public cultural memory for this artist, which is why his name has sank for many years in oblivion. With the noble efforts of organizers, museum and gallery specialists, and collectors, today we worship the talent and creativity of our great classics and we ask him for some kind of forgiveness for oblivion. We do it in the days of the Nativity of Christ, whose name Kavarnaliev brings.

On the eve of the exhibition came the monographic book about Hristo Kavarnaliev. After a winning project, it was financially supported by the Culture Fund at the Municipality of Varna as well as by the Cavallet Gallery. Author Valeriy D. Postharov tracks the life and creative growth and development of the artist, the historical and social conditions for building his worldview in the dramatic first half of the last century, his aesthetic pursuits after his specialization in Germany, the establishment of his creative creed, his numerous exhibitions and reviews of their criticism. In a comparative plan, Kavarnaliev’s place is depicted in the varied palette of the Bulgarian classic, where he, deservedly and universally, is titled as the most original and sincere artist of the sea.

The edition is luxurious, large-format, full-color and includes over 120 color reproductions of Kavarnaliev’s works. Numerous black and white photographs from the artist’s personal album document moments of adolescence and student life, his period of wartime wartime artist during World War I, his specialization with Franz von Stuk in Munich in 1920, his active exhibition life, and friendships with Alexander Dobrinov, Rayko Aleksiev, Pancho Vladigerov, Alexander Bozhinov, Andrey Protic, Georgi Velchev, William Watson, Prof. Musman and others. From this album are also exciting pictures of little Christo with his mother. The book includes some more interesting publications of Kavarnaliev in the press. Here is also published the authentic story of the artist himself about his youth, written in the year before his death.

In January, among the paintings in the exhibition, there will be the premiere of the book and a round table in which specialists and public figures will talk about the creativity and personality of Hristo Kavarnaliev.

The organizers of the exhibition are:

Varna Municipality, GHG Varna and Cavallet Gallery. The curator of the exhibition, as well as the author of a monographic book about the great Bulgarian classic is Valeriy D. Postharov.