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  Book your direct money payday loan now    With $ 5,000 extra standing in your account, you don’t have to turn every penny in your everyday life. The vast majority of us at some point need – or desire – to borrow a loan that can cover various money needs. However, the banks are […]

120 years Hristo Kavarnaliev

The exhibition includes 120 works by Hristo Kavarnaliev, which are examples of his work from the different periods of his development. The curator has gathered drawings, gouaches, watercolors and paintings by the National Art Gallery, the Museum of Renaissance in Varna, the Military History Museum, the galleries in Varna, Dobrich, Kavarna, Balchik, as well as […]

How the artists find the gallery

As an art manager, I receive constantly nominations from authors who want to present and sell their work. Unfortunately, few of them know the unwritten rules that lead to this goal. The way to reach the audience can be very individual to the different authors, but the most representative way to reach real connoisseurs is […]

The Art Market in 2014 – Cavallet Gallery

I publish these data with the stipulation that the art market in the world is not what is in Bulgaria. Noting this fact, I can not but admit that our country is an incubator of great talents and worthy names for the world stage of fine arts. The quoted values ​​do not interpret the origin […]

Why are some looking for "bedroom paintings"? – Cavallet Gallery

Perhaps it will sound strange, but one of the most common searches on the Internet when people are interested in paintings is ” bedroom paintings.” “Wall Paintings” (absurd and incorrect wording in nature) also has a very high percentage of applications and given all the different art installations and performances touted daily from conceptualist, it’s […]

Sony World Photography Awards

What is the World Photography Organization? Being passionate about photography since my youngest age, I had to introduce you to the World Photography Organization which is WPO initial. It is simply a worldwide organization highlighting both amateur and professional photographers. Its strength is to be established in more than 60 countries allowing it to connect […]

Studio lighting for photographers

Photographers are used to saying that the best lighting for photography is natural light, but even if it’s true most of the time, a majority of the artistic and commercial photographs you see these days have been taken in the past. using a studio lighting. Almost all the images you see have been lit by […]

Instagram is it denaturing the photograph?

Disney in all its parks since 2015, Coachella in the spring , Milan since the beginning of the summer, bans on the sale and use of selfie poles are multiplying and could appeal to others. If this can make you smile, some authorities see the selfie poles as a real scourge polluting the tourist places. […]

From the Rivers and Parting: Esther Kinsky’s Frontiers – A review essay with a view to photography

The River Lea grazes the city of London and “their distant stories”, he touches any center or penetrates the metropolis, but he flows past. He loses himself and finally flows into the Thames. Barrens mixed with nature, human souls and the remnants of civilization can be found on the banks of this river. Thrown away […]

Money Expenditures Growing Faster…

Money Expenditures Growing Faster… But still too slow.Final Sales of Domestic Product grew at a 2.9 percent annual rate in the second quarter according to the revised figures. I favor a 3% target and so this figure is nearly there. Unfortunately, the level of Final Sales of Domestic Product remains way too low, and it […]